WHY INSTALL FIRE SPRINKLERS IN NEW HOME Over 80% of all fire deaths occur in the home. The single most effective way to prevent fire-related deaths is the installation of residential fire sprinklers. Modern homes burn 8 times, 800%, FASTER than older homes. Your customers typically have less than 3 minutes after the smoke alarm […]

The Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire kills more people in the United States annually than all natural disasters combined. Ironically, most fire deaths occur in the very place where we feel safest — our own homes. Those at highest risk are very young children, older adults and people with disabilities, who may have difficulty making a quick escape. Home fire sprinklers provide powerful protection from fire. They […]

Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition: Bringing Safety Home

WHO WE ARE The Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting home fire sprinklers. The coalition actively works to educate stakeholder groups on residential fire sprinklers and collaborates with key state fire service organizations to address and overcome barriers to residential fire sprinkler requirements. THE HOME FIRE PROBLEM Home fires in Massachusetts pose one […]

Testing and Inspections

Fire kills more people in the United States each year than all natural disasters combined. A small spark in a typical American home can grow into a roaring inferno in just minutes with kitchens being the leading area of origin. If there’s a fire in your home or business, the risk of dying decreases by […]